Professional production Optical Coating Materials、Sputtering Target  as well as related

consumables, with the professional level and mature technology in the optical industry, they are rapidly rising in the field.

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Production Workshop


LEMARK Group has production workshops with an area of 30,000 square meters.And it is mainly divided into 4 workshops: SMT production workshop, DIP production workshop, injection production workshop and assembly production workshop.  



Production process
Production process
Production process

Production Line

We have two Samsung high speed SMT production lines and two DIP production lines, when it is in plug-in production lines, motherboards would be 100% tested in the test rack.  There are a total 10 injection molding machines in our factory, equipped with a maximum of 450 tons of injection molding machines, which can meet all our current plastic production demands. All the portable power generators meet CE/FCC/RoHS/PSE/UL and other international certificates. All incoming materials must undergo rigorous testing before production. After the products are completed, the completed products must undergo more than two professional aging tests, just in order to provide our customers higher quality products.

R&D team

Research and development: LEMARK Group has invested a lot of resources in research and development. We have 8 electronic engineers, 5 structural engineers, 2  ID engineers, 5 assistant engineers and 3 senior engineers to commit to the research and development and innovation of portable power generator. In the past few years, we have achieved impressive results and obtained invention and utility patents for various technologies of portable power generators,etc

Production process
Production process
Production process

Aging Production Line

Automatic aging lines: 20 automatic aging lines, each round of aging data is monitored in real time, and 1300 portable power generators can be aging at the same time to meet customers' high-quality requirements.

Our team

We work hard and also play hard. Have birthday party, Christmas party together, and also travel together.

Production process



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